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Holiday 2019

Once Upon a time, there was a candle … In the workshops of the French candlemakers Bougies La Française, women and men are beavering away behind closed doors. Like craftspeople, they are fashioning a collection of beautiful, perfumed objects, that

Spring-Summer 2019

Spring-Summer 2019 Catalog is Now Available ! ” Great, summer’s here” ! The days are getting longer, a soft light warms our mornings, the sun’ rays awaken our desires for nature. It floats through the air giving off a fragrance of

Point A La Ligne collection

Point a la Ligne candles are made from the highest quality ingredients, and they burn slowly with no drips or smoke. The company began in Bordeaux, France over 100 years ago. Their inspiration is “to bring together the beauty, warmth

Everyday 2019 Collection

Storyteller of fragrant stories and the creator of intimate moods, Bougies La Française forcefully asserts its style. It made its mark, an identifiable fragrant signature, which is recognised. Charm, elegance, and authenticity are at the heart of its harmonies of