From dreams to an illuminating passion

Bougies la Française’s main advantage was its high quality innovative products. It also rested on its cheerfully traditional collections, and on its definitely contemporary and forward-looking designs.

In the style office a team of designers invent candles and holders which can be found nowhere else. From the original idea to the making of the new item, these fashion specialists make candles an essential part of interior décor. They are inspired by pictures, perfumes, materials, by what’s in the wind, life and our desires.
In this way, these designers exactly meet the demands of a wide public, being more innovative and creative than current trends.

Simply, beauty springs out of the emotions.



The demands of a strong tradition

The candle is a noble product, imbued with a certain mystery, and which carries with it centuries of special and universally true stories. Bougies la Française feels that it has been a true keeper of this tradition since 1902 and makes every endeavour to make high quality candles for you.

From the choice of raw materials, wax processing methods, selecting wicks in pure cotton with different braidings, natural essences and subtle fragrances, our candles is subjected to many trials before production:

  • finalising prototypes
  • making a sample
  • test for aging and colour stability under UV
  • test for resistance to heat
  • combustion test
  • test for spread of perfume
  • test of wax/ perfume compatibility
  • test whether it sticks to the container

In our Quality laboratory, our chemists determine the subtle balance linking the components such as paraffin, waxes, perfume, the wick and the container, so it can be used in as many different places as possible.



In the light of what’s happening to our planet

Our family tradition is about being sustainable. And becoming aware of the necessity of safeguarding the world around us. So Bougies la Française is doing its part for the protection of the environment.

In our Research and Development laboratory, our chemists work to combine environmental regulations with our craft of candle maker. This includes working on the use of plant-based waxes (mainly palm oil), which eventually will replace paraffin obtained by various procedures during oil refining. Naturally, our waste is sorted and the all our packaging comes under the officially recognised “Eco Emballage” label.

Because for us too, every gesture counts.



Richness of experience

Good craftsmanship is a prime requirement throughout the process of manufacturing our candles. Making a quality candle means first and foremost trusting your people, their skill, their delicate, patiently repeated gestures, inherited from a unique and rare ancestral art.

In “craft” manufacture, every object a person makes carries a part of their humanity in it, which is why each of our candles carries within it a part of our heart.


le moulageFirst, the master workpiece – a unique piece sculpted on the premises by our style and creation teams – has to be approved. This is used as the pattern for creating silicone moulds. Pilot production runs are then made to finalise the details (appearance, finish and combustion testing).

The adventure may then continue with the use of mass-production moulds that are hand-filled with liquid paraffin at about 75°. Everything is then left to cool, and as soon as possible each candle is extracted from its mould. Depending on the model, it may be left with its unfinished appearance or may be worked on to obtain its final look. The last phase of the process is known as “surface treatment” when we can apply a multitude of finishes (patina, paint, varnish, glitter or engraving).

Throughout this type of manufacture, each operation is done by hand. That is the guarantee that each product is outstandingly made with a production process of the craftsman type.
On none of our figurative candles have machinery and progress been able to supplant the human hand!

Machine casting

le coulage machineThis type of manufacture, using machines known as “casting frames” is applied to the manufacture of classic “table centre” candles and also for the famous perforated candles.
The raw material used, again in liquid form, is poured into a tray at the top. While still liquid, the paraffin fills a series of moulds one after the other as you might fill a tray of ice-cubes.
Solidification is accelerated by a cold-water circulation system. It takes at least 40/45 minutes to cool a batch of 400 to 500 candles. This process, without altering the material, produces candles of very high quality. Also, using this process and this type of machine, we can colour our candles all the way through (solution dyed). This great flexibility in the creation of colour effects, from gradations to multiple tones, means we can offer you a large colour range (32 colours).
Here again, our skill is illustrated by the temperature control throughout the manufacturing process, and the careful colour matching.


le remplissageAccording to the most ancient techniques, waxes or paraffins have always been used in liquid form. The exceptions are the more recent methods of extrusion and hydraulic compression.

So, the whole art of correct pouring lies in the choice of good materials and additives. To obtain the desired fluidity, we have to maintain the material at a temperature of about 75/80°. When using different liquid waxes, it was quite natural to adopt different pouring processes, in different types of containers (glass, ceramic, metal tins, etc.). We place a little candle like a tea-light or a taper in the middle of the container and pour the liquid paraffin of the same colour around it; this holds the wick central and gives the candle a little more soul, perhaps…

It is worth remembering that the containers are chosen specially to obtain more power of diffusion, which gives a better perfume quality.



The possibility of a new atmosphere

Today, candles offer an extraordinary wealth of uses. Firstly, they give light, and according to their size can create different moods. They can revive the gentle atmosphere of an old-fashioned open fire, being in turn warm, decorative, thought-provoking, or inspiring friendly conversation.

The addition of perfume gives a new dimension to their original purpose, subtly reinforcing it. In addition to our visual sense, candles appeal to our sense of smell and develop unique atmospheres by evoking reminiscences of our personality and our life…

And for those special personal moments, Bougies La Française collaborates with the France’s greatest perfume specialists. Indeed we go to Grasse to obtain those essences and fragrances which will develop in perfect symbiosis with the flame.