Holiday 2019

Once Upon a time, there was a candle …

In the workshops of the French candlemakers Bougies La Française, women and men are beavering away behind closed doors.

Like craftspeople, they are fashioning a collection of beautiful, perfumed objects, that stir the spirit’s zest for adventure.

As the days go by, they invent a whole timeless world, somewhere between dream and reality.

A world of wondrous tales, of enchanting fragrances and New Year’s celebrations that we hope you will enjoy when you browse the pages of this limited editions catalog.

And how do you access this world? Follow in the footsteps of the imaginary, relax, and float gently down the rabbit hole….

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Holiday 2019 catalog

Spring-Summer 2019

Spring-Summer 2019 Catalog is Now Available !

 Great, summer’s here” !

The days are getting longer, a soft light warms our mornings, the sun’ rays awaken our desires for nature.

It floats through the air giving off a fragrance of freedom…Bougies la Française invites you to let time slip away.

To run off and breathe in life’s simple pleasures,

 to live to the rhythm of the dolce vita,

 to laze about in the shade of foliage,

 to look out to sea and celebrate the happy days.

Light the wick, close your eyes and suddenly your imagination wanders… Smile, summer’s here !

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201901 Spring Summer 2019_Bougies la Francaise


Point A La Ligne collection

-® 93

Point a la Ligne candles are made from the highest quality ingredients, and they burn slowly with no drips or smoke. The company began in Bordeaux, France over 100 years ago.

Their inspiration is “to bring together the beauty, warmth and magic of the flame.”

Treating their designs like a high fashion brand, Point a la Ligne debuts two collections per year: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter. People wait to see what kinds of unique designs the team will unveil each season. It’s no wonder that fashion houses like Prada, Armani, and more have Point a la Ligne design candles for them.


BLF-été-2015-27The Atlantic Shore collection looks like it’s been plucked from the ocean. Each candle is handmade and hand-painted by expert craftsmen. Painstaking detail and a smooth glaze leaves them looking almost more like porcelain than wax.

Treat your own décor to one of these treasures, or make an impression on a friend or hostess with candles that are nearly too realistic and beautiful to burn.

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@ PALL PE2015 SP_ BD

BLF-été-2015-30 LOTUS G LOTUS I

Everyday 2019 Collection

Storyteller of fragrant stories and the creator of intimate moods,

Bougies La Française forcefully asserts its style. It made its mark, an identifiable fragrant signature, which is recognised.

Charm, elegance, and authenticity are at the heart of its harmonies of style. The brand is a master at drawing from its past, to endlessly reinvent, and here, the past becomes the present!

Revisiting genres, mixing the periods, perfumes, materials and colours, BLF collections have distinctive and unparalleled signatures. Only France has the secret, it’s the French Touch by BLF.

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New Everyday 2019 catalog