Point A La Ligne

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-®arnaudbriand@me.com 74Everything began in 1968 on a beach on France’s Atlantic coast.

Two fine-art students from Bordeaux found a block of paraffin wax on a beach and they decided to sculpt it. This was their first decorative candle and marked the beginning of a great adventure, the beginning of POINT A LA LIGNE. They explored and they learned.

They had a great deal to learn as they knew nothing about either candles or business.

They were motivated by a passion for creation, to explore everything to do with the creation of candles and by the most basic of human skills – trade.

P13-ROSESThis magic recipe, the incredible clashing mix of artistic talent and commercial genius, makes this team flourish.

The first factory opens in Gradignan near Bordeaux, they then settle definitively in Pessac, surrounded by the famous Bordeaux wine country.

In 1982, their dedication and creative skill is recognised as they are awarded the title Businesswomen of the Year.

Success didn’t slow them down and in 1983 they opened the first Point à la Ligne on Ave. Victor Hugo in Paris. A sign of the nationwide popularity of a provincial brand

In 1988, Point a la Ligne is sold and the different new owners give the brand an international dimension.

Since 2011, Point a la Ligne has begun a new adventure by joining “Groupe Devineau/ Bougies La Francaise S.A.S“, a company with more than 100 year history and the same passion for creation.

Still without equal, Point a la Ligne conveys a clear message: that the candle is your ally for parties large and small, that its light accompanies you in every moment of life…

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