Seasonal Ranges

blf 12_V2Treating their designs like a high fashion brand, Point a la Ligne & Bougies La Française debut two collections per year: Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter.

This Winter, discover a multifacet christmas under the sign of natural raw materials, underlined by the warmth and appropriateness of their copper hue reflections… We absolutely insisted that this collection was to have no unnecessary artifice, so that the beauty of simple things with their clean sharp lines could shine through… Style variation with a touch of design that tapers into playing with multi-faceted realism… This mould-breaking “mountain” style takes off in a genuinely original and totally on-trend direction… And to conclude in beauty , the festivities are all decked out in immaculate White and Gold. Sparkle and splendour will be the dominant theme for this festive season.

BLF-hiver 2015-16-43 BLF-hiver 2015-16-20

BLF-hiver 2015-16-51 BLF-hiver 2015-16-46 - copie

BLF-hiver 2015-16-23 BLF-hiver 2015-16-12-2

BLF-hiver 2015-16-65